Why Choose Us?

1 – Knowledge & experience

Pieter Odendaal was one of the first dental specialists receiving formal, university-based training in dental implantology. He attended a four-year full-time post-graduate programme to become a specialist periodontist. Since qualifying as a periodontist in 2000 he has been keeping on top of the latest developments by attending congresses and dedicated master classes all over the world.

He has been involved with dental implants since 1996, and have personally placed more than two thousand dental implants. Experience is invaluable in providing the very best dental implant treatment.

2 – Skill & expertise

Periodontists are renowned for their expertise in providing dental implant treatment. Periodontists generally are perfectionists. Our job demands exceptional manual dexterity and attention to detail. We are well posed to provide expert dental implant treatment.

3 – Care & compassion

You come to us seeking our help, and we feel very privileged that we are able to help. We love our work and care for each and every one of our patients. We take great pride in serving you to the very best of our ability.

4 – Technology

The practice in Byfleet has been designed and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We utilise some of the most advanced technology available in the world.

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