Gummy Smile Treatment


Having a gummy smile can impact self-confidence. Modern surgery techniques allow microscopic precision, ensuring the perfect gum sculpting.

There is no one better placed to create a perfect gum line than a periodontist. The same tools and techniques we use to replace missing gum tissue can be applied in gum contouring. Gum tissue can grow over the tooth surface for a number of reasons, making the teeth appear short compared to the larger gums. The most common reasons are genetics, certain medications or inflammation caused by gum disease.

Gingivectomy is the procedure used to remove excess tissue. Our Zeiss Pico Dental Microscope allows us to make minute incisions that would otherwise be difficult. We can also use gum surgery to improve the appearance of natural gum tissue. If you have a gummy smile or your gums are misshapen, you may need them trimmed and grafted to create an even line.

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